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Just Another Day

“Timmy’s most EPIC album to date!”

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“The moment he came onto the stage, you could feel a change in the air, and it echoed the whole set through”

-Michael Preston, Fan of the Teeth

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The Music behind the Man


Just a few chords in and you can feel your heart sink into something that feels better than… Butter on a blueberry muffin, like things were way back when…

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“Its the kind of music I can share with my best friend, my parents, and even my co-workers!”

-Loving Fan


And when you finally dig into the heart of the matter, the lyrics ring true to life. And not just the warm and nostalgic, but also those bigger questions you find yerself thinkin’ bout…

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They say wine get’s better w/ age… well Timmy can’t tell ya’ll a damn thing about wine, but its a fact that his music just keeps on gettin’ better, and better.

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